May 12th: TURKMENISTAN Youth League and Club Friendly Match

Merw U21 VS Altyn Asyr U21

Hosts Merw U21 is currently ranked 5th out of eight teams in the TURKMENISTAN Youth League, with an average of 1.7 goals per game and 2.1 goals conceded per game. It’s a team with a relatively open style of play. They have failed to win their last two games and are not in great form. In their previous three home games, the field would have seen four goals.

The visiting team is a well-deserved juggernaut in the TURKMENISTAN Youth League. They have won all seven matches in the league, scoring 25 goals and conceding only three, which significantly more robust than other teams. They’ve won all three of their previous away games, scoring 11 goals and conceding 0, so there’s reason to expect them to keep going.

Nebitci U2 VS Ahal U21

The hosts, Nebitci U21, currently rank 3rd in the table. But their goal difference is only 1, which the fewest among the top 4 teams. They have one more match than their opponents, Ahal U21, who ranked 4th and are unbeaten against their opponents.

Away team, Ahal U21, is currently ranked 4th with one less game to play, and a win in this match would move them up to 2nd place. Four of their last six games have been home, and the gold content may have shrunk a bit. One of the two away games, one 0-4 loss to dominant Altyn Asyr U21 and other 3-2 away win over Kopetdag Asgabat U21, who are currently in second place. The two matches show that this team is still capable of playing card games.

Asgabat U21 VS Sagadam U21

Apart from a 0-3 loss away from home to dominant Altyn Asyr U21, host team FC Asgabat U21 has scored in five of their last six matches. The team has recently improved defensively. With only conceding three goals in a row against Altyn Asyr U21 only in the second half, and the last time they faced upstream side Nebitci U21 at home match drew 1-1 and scored first.

The visiting team Sagadam U21 concede a lot of goals at home and less on the road. They are by far the team that has conceded the most goals, although conceding just 5 in 3 away games suggests that they tend to focus more wholeheartedly on defense on the road.

The two teams are currently in the last two places in the table, with not much difference in strength, and not too many goals may be scored in this match.

Vitkovice VS Banik Ostrava

The home team Vitkovice is a Czech second-tier team that promoted to the Czech B league in 2016. Two seasons after promotion, Vitkovice barely relegated. They had a good record last season with ranked eighth, but so far this season in the relegation zone, the performance is terrible. In the six warm-up games and one Czech B match they have already played in 2020, they have scored more than or equal to three goals per game, with five goals appearing on the field.

Visiting side Banik Ostrava is a mid-table side from the top Czech league, who has played in 15 various matches so far in 2020, which nine of are official matches. Although they have not played in the last two months, they are likely to be significantly more reliable than the hosts. Vitkovice, who are currently in the playoff zone, and the teams around them are not too far apart, so the team needs to get back into the game as soon as possible. The level of Banik Ostrava’s commitment should also be high. There will be more goals in this game.

Bnei Yehuda (Isr) VS Hapoel Tel Aviv (Isr) 

Bnei Yehuda had their ups and downs last season, with three points falling short of reaching the playoffs. Due to the epidemic, Bnei Yehuda has not played an official game in almost two months, and his status is in doubt.

Bnei Yehuda finished in the bottom 2 of the league in home games last season, having failed to win their last four league home games.

Hapoel Tel Aviv has scored 11 times in the last 12 seasons, and the team has had a steady record in recent seasons. With six wins, one draw and six losses on the road last season, the team is at the mid-table level.

Hapoel Tel Aviv ranked 5th last season, although they squeezed into the playoffs, there is still a gap between their strength and Group 1. Hapoel Tel Aviv’s offensive and defensive performance on the road was unimpressive, scoring less than one goal and conceding nearly two goals.

Both sides have not played recently, and the status is estimated to be half-assed. Bnei Yehuda is an absolute underdog with one win, two draws, and seven losses, and there is some psychological pressure. But considering it’s only a warm-up game, the two teams probably won’t too restrained on the field, and there’s a chance that this one will see more goals.

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