Belarus Premier League: Smolevichy vs Dinamo Minsk

Belarus Premier League 2020 Round 6

Smolevichy vs Dinamo Minsk

Kick off: 16:00

Date: Fri, 24-Apr-20

Location: Smalyavichy

Venue: Ozyorny Stadium

Dynamo Minsk maintains four consecutive victories against Smolevichy

The two sides have only played four times in the last five years. Minsk Dynamo kept a total triumph, scoring a total of 11 goals, only two goals conceded, and 3 of the matches won 2-0. 

Smolevichy’s results in April and Friday are inferior

Statistics show that the newly promoted team Smolevichy only had one win, one draw, and three losses in the Belarusian Super League in the last five seasons. 

In the Belarusian Super League game in April, the record was three draws and three losses, and a win was hard to come by.

Smolevichy can’t win in 12 consecutive games

Smolevichy, in the last relegation battle 1-1 draw with Bersina, won the league two straight draws, currently ranked second to last, relegation situation is not optimistic. They have 12 consecutive without a win in the Belarusian Super League now.

Smolevichy has a rough game style

In the last five games of the season, Smolevichy has already received 15 yellow cards and accumulated 22 yellow cards, which the most significant number in the league yellow cards ranking.

Smolevichy also had 103 fouls in the first five games, averaging more than 20 per game. In the last match against Bilshina, there was an astounding 32 fouls in the game. The two teams combined had 59 fouls. Smolevichy’s style is very rough, usually relying on frequent fouls to destroy the opponent’s rhythm and mentality.

Smolevichy influential defender was suspended in this game

The local player Ilya Rashchenya is the absolute leading player of the team. He has come from the center back in the last two games. He will suspend for four yellow cards in this game, and this is a significant loss to the team’s defense.

Stretching is 22 years old this year, but the game experience is vibrant. Rashchenya played nine times on behalf of the Belarusian youth national teams at all ages levels, played Minsk Power for four years, and played 71 times. Last year he moved to Smolevichy and had performed 16 times on behalf of the team.

Dinamo Minsk recently changed coaching

Sergey Gurenko, who has coached Minsk Dynamo for more than 100 games and averaged 1.93 points per game, has recently finished classes. He replaced by the Belarusian football star Leonid Kuchuk.

The 60-year-old Kuchuk has successively coached Moldovan Tiraspol Sheriff, Kyiv Arsenal, Krasnodar, Moscow Locomotive, Rostov, and other famous Eastern European teams. The last team he coached was Luke Winniki of the Ukraine First Division.

Dynamo Minsk has a poor record this season away

In the two away games before this season, Dynamo Minsk was utterly defeated. It is the only team in the Belarusian Super League that has not yet scored away. They have won seven consecutive away games. Minsk Dynamo’s away record last season ranked fourth in the league.

Minsk Dynamo ’s history in April is good

In April, Minsk Dynamo won 63% of the Belarusian Super 5 seasons, with a history of 12 wins, five draws, and two losses. The record for April this year is currently two wins and one loss.

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