Belshina Bobruisk vs. Smolevichy

Belarus Premier League 2020 Round 5

Belshina Bobruisk vs. Smolevichy

Kick-off: 15:30

Date: Fri, 17-Apr-20

Referee: Evgeniy Naumov, Belarus
Location: Babruysk, Belarus
Venue: Spartak Stadium

Previous Meetings in Last four matches have few goals

The two teams have fought against each other for the last four times. The two teams won one game each and tied two games. Last year, Smolevichy remained undefeated against Belshina by one win and one draw. The total number of goals in these four games did not over two.

This match is a relegation battle

The two teams are currently ranking in the last two positions in the standings. They are in the relegation zone. They are both promoted this season. This game is a relegation battle worth six points. If they can win from the opponent, it will be very beneficial to stay in the league.

Belshina’s main left-winger may continue to miss the game

Belshina’s Ukrainian winger Roman Salimov missed the last match against Neman Grodno. In this game, he may continue to be unable to play due to injury. In the previous three games played, he did not have any goals and assists.

Belshina win rate in April is meager

Belshina only had a 17% win rate in the last five seasons of the Belarusian Super League in April, with one win, two draws, and three losses. In the previous game, the only shot of the game scored, and the away game was a lucky draw to tie Neman Grodn to get the first point of the season. However, they are still at the bottom of the standings. The relegation alert has raised.

Belshina’s game style is not conservative

Belshina primarily uses 4-3-3 formation this season, in the last change of 3-4-3, is a team that mainly relies on side attack. In the previous 4 games, the team The ball possession rate is above 48%.

In the last home game against Gorodeya, the ball possession rate even reached 63%. Still, there is not much way to face the opponent’s intensive defense. The whole field only had five shots and one shot. The opponent only scored once in the game but got a goal with a direct free- kick.

Smolevichy main goalkeeper is not sure if he can play

Aleksandr Filtsov, a Russian goalkeeper, loaned from Soligorsk this season, being the main goalkeeper of Smolevich this season. At 30 years old, he is 197cm tall and had been selected to the Russian youth national team 11 times. Each of the first three games this season will lose a goal, he missed due to injury in the last game.

Whether Filtsov can return in this game is still an unknown number. The team may continue to use the previous game without conceding the goal and the bench goalkeeper Artem Gomelko who contributed a couple of crucial saves. The 30-year-old Gomelko is also an experienced player/goalkeeping coach and a former Sparta Moscow player. 

Belshina has a weak offense and good defense

Smolevichy is unable to win in 12 consecutive Belarusian Premier League games. Their weak offensive has affected their results. At present, they have only scored one goal in four games and have not scored in the last three consecutive games. However, their defense is not bad; only three goals conceded, averaging less than one. In the previous game against Soligorsk, the opponent had 17 shots, 15 corners, 55% possession, but could not break through Smoljevic’s gate.

Smolevichy’s record in April was equally bad.

Smolevichy won the Belarus Super League in the past five seasons in April with a win rate of 0% and a record of 0 wins, three draws, and three losses. On Friday, the Belarusian Super League win rate was 20%, and the score was one win, one draw, and three losses.

On the opponent side, Belshina in the field scored one draw and five losses in the Belarusian Super League on Friday, with a win rate of 0%.

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