Nicaragua Liga Primera: Real Estelí vs. Diriangén FC

Nicaragua Liga Primera Round 17: Real Estelí vs. Diriangén FC

Start date: 15. Apr 2020, 19:00(UTC-6

Location: Esteli Venue: Estadio Independencia

Real Estelí’s number one shooter has just experienced the pain of losing his father

According to the club’s official Twitter on the 14th, the father of Real Estelí midfielder Luis Acuña has just departed, and he may miss the game.

The 171cm tall, 31-year-old Argentine Akuna started his career with the Sarsfield youngth team in 2009. He spent most of his time in various second divisions in the Americas. This season he played 15 times as the central midfielder for Estelle, 13 of which were starters, contributed four goals, and was the team’s top scorer. He missed the last match against Chinandega FC, which was his first absence in this season.

This game is a crucial battle

According to the explanation of Wikipedia, The Nicaragua super league is played in two parts, Torneo de Apertura from August through November and Torneo de Clausura from January through May. Each of the regular seasons is followed by a playoff of the top four teams over a two-legged semifinal and subsequent final. The relegation end has the bottom team of the aggregate table dropped as well as the loser of the playoff of the 8th and 9th-place teams.

With two rounds left in the league, Real Estelí and Diriangén FC have 31 points now, both 5 points behind the leader Managua. Diriangén FC rank third with a nine-goal difference. For both teams, this is a crucial battle to secure second place.

The two teams that have won the most titles in Nicaragua

Real Estelí is a veteran team of the Nicaragua Football League. They have won 16 domestic championships. Between 2002 and 2017, they won 12 league titles. They are currently the second-highest number of teams in the Nicaragua top league. , Second only to Diriangén FC, which won the championship 27 times.

Real Estelí’s defense is stable, and the offense is unstable

Real Estelí is currently the second offense team in the Spring League, and also the team with the fewest conceded goals. They averaged 2.31 goals per game, including eight matches clean sheet and six matches without goals. These statistics show that the team is defense behavior is stable, but the offensive performance is not stable.

Real Estelí doesn’t have a reliable striker

Despite being the second most scored team, the player with the most goals scored only four goals, ranking 9th in the scorer list. Akuna, Ventura, and Castillo Bellorin all scored four goals in the spring league. There have been 34 games in the Fall League and Spring League so far. As many as 20 people have scored goals and players in all positions.

Diriangén FC is a more conservative team

In the 16 games in the Spring League so far, Diriangén FC’s match has never scored more than three goals in a single game, including six games with three goals and ten plays with less than three goals, and four games without a goal, and ten games has a clean sheet. In the first half of the season, they had not conceded goals in 6 consecutive games. With ten goals conceded, Diriangén FC&Estelle is the best defensive team in the Nicaragua Spring League.

Diriangén FC top striker is a defender

22-year-old Nicaragua native scorer Danilo Zúñiga scored five goals in the spring league and tied for third place in the top scorer list. Four of the five goals are the first opening record without a penalty goal. However, he was a striker before. He has been playing as the left-back this season and has scored two goals in the last five games. His goal condition is also excellent, but in defending part, he got five yellow cards during the previous 4 games.

 Diriangén FC No. 2 striker has recently fallen into a goal shortage

Diriangén FC’s second scorer is Uruguay Bernardo Laureiro. He has scored four goals in the spring league, only behind to Zuniga. But he has not scored in six consecutive games.

He played for Walter Ferretti in 2014-2018, has 124 appearances and scored 53 goals. Besides, he has also been selected for the Uruguayan U17 national team and scored one goal in eight appearances.

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