About Me

Hi! My name is Andy, I am a loyal football fan for more than 20 years. My main focus is on the top European leagues and cups, specifically the Europe top-five leagues and the Champions League and the Europa League. I know most of the top-five league teams and major players very well, and I will regularly update my blog according to the schedule of the matches. The blog content is mainly about the match previews. Mainly about European football, but may also have American football, even Asian football. Generally, I will leave my prediction viewpoint about this match at the end of each match previews article. It warmly welcomes you to leave your perspective by message.

On non-match days, I will mostly update football-related news or football encyclopedia knowledge. If you have any suggestions or requirements about my blog, it’s a warm welcome to leave a message below the article or contact my Email instantly: oursfootballcom@gmail.com.

This blog doesn’t have complicated design and typography, because I want to focus on the useful information itself.